Your content marketing agency in Germany

As a digital company we run portals specializing on travel, finance, lifestyle, apps and information technology. Targeting diverse audiences our portals emphasize the marketing strategy of our clients.

We also offer content marketing as a service. In a dynamic environment we help businesses to communicate strong and convincing messages. We focus on ambitious content and develop marketing strategies with a keen sense of social and technological trends. The goal of our content marketing campaigns is to reach more visibility, increased coverage and new contacts for our customers.

Your benefits:

1. Customer loyality

You will promote customer loyality with ambitious, exciting and useful content which helps you to establish your business as an original thinker and opinion leader in your trade.

2. Winning new customers at a good price

Ambitious content will turn visitors into prospective clients. Exciting content helps you to increase coverage and reach more potential buyers.

3. Better brand awareness

Prospective customers browse the internet for answers and solutions to their problems. If your brand pops up with good advice it will stay in people’s minds.

4. Additional value for your customers

Dull marketing messages are out-dated. Being overloaded with information today’s consumers only accept publicity campaigns which offer them additional value.

5. Social networks as multipliers

People like to recommend and share prominent content. That is why content marketing is a strong tool for making your messages go viral on social networks like facebook.

6. Your messages will last

While traditional advertising formats tend to have a temporary effect ambitious editorial content stays on the internet permanently.

Advertizing vs informing

After years of having been exposed to strong display advertizing a lot of customers feel annoyed by banner ads flashing on their screens. In fact, many of the today’s users have gone blind to blinking ads on websites and focus their attention exclusively on the content.

How should marketers react to customers being tired of clicking through ads? There is a simple solution to the so called banner blindness: to focus on content instead of banner ads. If customers ignore display advertizing, companies need to emphasize their content strategies. That is where content marketing comes in: this marketing technique allows you to reach target audiences with useful, entertaining and informative content.

Content is the new currency

If you want your brand, services or products to be successful you need to publish content which offers additional value to your target audience – because content is the new currency in the online world. A successful content marketing strategy is based on authentic and neutral information and avoids flashy advertizing messages.

Your marketing agency for outstanding content

As a content marketing agency we design special interest portals for our clients focusing on exciting articles and useful information. In order to make your business more successful we will develop a content marketing strategy with you that reaches relevant target audiences and wins loyal customers. Your brand will be embedded into professionally edited material in an ad-free environment.

What we stand for:

  • Years of experience in building edited portals
  • Creative ideas and a keen sense of the market
  • Experienced editors with a passion for ambitious content
  • Specialists for content marketing
  • Texts for websites, blog posts, product descriptions, pictures or charts – we edit all kinds of content for you
  • Comprehensive market analysis and careful consideration is the basis for every content strategy
  • Regular reports create transparency
  • Our goal: to make your business more successful

Free initial consultation: contact us! We will be happy to discuss your goals and possible actions with you. Write an email or give us a call. We look forward to sharing ideas with you.